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No Ordinary Concrete Mixer

We use only the latest in concrete mixer technology to bring you the high quality concrete you deserve; this means no drum mixers, a longer shelf life to allow us to travel further to you, and a large capacity vehicle so you can have as much concrete as you need without repeated journeys.

Concrete of any spec

Need a particular standard, spec or mix of concrete? We can provide concrete to any recognised standard throughout South London and the surrounding areas, so just ask our friendly and knowledgeable team members and they’ll be able to give you exactly what you need.
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Why use a volumetric vehicle?

Drum concrete mixers have numerous downsides; for one, you can often be charged for the concrete you don’t use if you overestimate the amount needed, and a part load fee applies if you don’t use the full capacity of the drum. But you don’t need to be wary of that with our volumetric vehicle. The result of the latest technological advances, it can mix concrete on site to give you the perfect amount, there are no extra charges for part loads, and the vehicle itself produces concrete to the highest standard.
Our volumetric vehicles are 3.9 metres high, 2.6 metres wide, and 8.0 metres long and we serve South London and beyond.
View of a concrete mixer

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