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20 years of Quality concrete and concrete screeding

From concrete delivery and barrowing to concrete screeding, no matter what concrete service you need, A2B Concrete can provide it. We have over 20 years of experience in the business, meaning we’ll be able to advise you on which of our options are the right way to go for your project.
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Ready mixed and ready to go

Ready mixed simply means that your concrete can be prepared rapidly and at short notice. We can mix it on site in our volumetric vehicle, which means no delays and no waiting around while the concrete is prepared. It allows you to get on with your project, and us to provide you with the exact amount of concrete you need in record time. No wait, no waste, just great results.
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Concrete wherever you need it

If you’re doing a larger project in South London or the surrounding areas, such as a big commercial building, you might be using concrete in several different areas at once. Not all of these areas will be able to be easily and quickly accessed from the volumetric vehicle, so we provide you with several ways to transport concrete through narrow hallways, around obstacles, or even upstairs. We can use pumping, which is a series of large pipes powered by our modern and innovative technology and will get your concrete exactly where you want it, without any risk of spillage or property damage. We can also offer a barrowing service where the concrete is simply wheeled through your property to where it needs to be, which is perfect for places that pumps can’t reach.

Screeding – What it is and why you need it

Screed is slightly different to concrete, and they are often used in the same project to bring different qualities to the end result. While concrete is a rock-like mass when dry, used to fill spaces and tailored to your needs, concrete screeding is a thinner layer of sand and cement paste that is applied over concrete to give a smooth, even finish. It’s often used over concrete bases to give a level surface for flooring installation. A2B Concrete serving South London and the surrounding areas, also provides a screeding service, so you can be sure that your project is finished to the highest standard and ready for you to move onto the next stages of your development.

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