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It can be difficult to imagine how much concrete can be needed for a project – our handy concrete calculator will solve this problem for you. Simply input the dimensions of your project – length, width, depth – and we’ll let you know instantly how much concrete you’ll need. We supply throughout South London and the surrounding areas and are happy to help with your concrete needs.

What if my calculation is wrong?

Don’t worry! If for any reason the concrete calculator calculations don’t match the true dimensions of the project, we can provide you with more or less concrete depending on your needs. Remember, you only pay for what you use, so you won’t pay for any leftover concrete if you accidentally calculated too high.

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Our part load promise

Some companies charge you a “part load charge”, which means they make you pay an extra fee if you order a smaller amount of concrete. We believe that every project is equally important, no matter how big or small, and so we don’t add on this charge. You can buy as little as 1 cubic metre of concrete from us and there will be no hidden part load fee throughout South London and the surrounding areas.
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